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Digital Carbonless

Digital Carbonless - High speed copiers and laser printers

High Speed Copiers and Laser Printers

PM Carbonless delivers the same or better quality than other name brands and is priced to win in the market-place.

PM Digital Carbonless is engineered to run in high-speed copiers, standard desk-top printers, and even in offset or digital offset-presses. One paper, many applications.

Environmentally Sustainable

  • SFI® Certified paper
  • Vegetable based organic (non-toxic) carbonless coatings
  • Safe for the environment
  • No strong odors (no petroleum) 

Who Uses Carbonless?

Here are some examples

  • Digital Carbonless paperService Businesses: Receipts, New account documents, Service orders, Record keeping, Shipping and receiving
  • Healthcare: HIPAA forms, Birth/death certificates, Admission/discharge forms,Consent forms
  • Insurance: Health, Life, Auto
  • Government: Social Security, Medicare,Medicaid, Workers compensation, General service orders
  • Education: Grade cards, Transcripts, Disciplinary documents (suspension, transfer)
  • Financial Services: Account forms, Mortgage, Title and loan documents, Bankruptcy filings
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